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Sensed NGO is a registered NGO working for the overall development of the country


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What we do?


An educational organization for the children and women welfare

Education is the diffusion of moral values, skills, and knowledge in a properly organized structure. SENSED, being an education organization of India  focuses on delivering world-class education in rural areas. Our school named “The Global School of Excellence” was initiated with the objective of providing high-quality education in the Obedullaganj block of Raisen district, Madhya Pradesh.

Being one of the top  educational NGO in India, we provide the opportunity of Holistic Development to our students, which encompasses Co-Curricular, art-integrated curriculum, Sports, and other parallel activities. All such activities are sponsored by the state of art facilities and other big resources.


SENSED is an organization committed towards promoting and spreading environmental ethics among humans. Children are specifically focused upon and are enabled to actualize the efforts by planting and nurturing saplings which eventually become trees.

All these exercises of planting and protecting trees and Nature will develop a sense of responsibility and belongingness in future citizens. These small scattered efforts, with the advent of time, become habit for individual and then lifestyle of Society. All this will culminate in Healthy Environment achieved through Sustainable Development.

Women Empowerment

‘Investment in women is a proven path to diminish poverty.

SENSED truly believes that if you want to save Earth, empower women. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report is still 200 years away based on the current rate of progress.

Women are deprived of proper education, work skills, and employment. They are abused physically, psychologically, sexually, and mentally.
SENSED (a women NGO) is working to empower disadvantaged, unprivileged, and ignorant women, through vocational training which include embroidery, computer learning, stiching- sewing, beauty parlour training, etc. By learning these skills, she becomes financially empowered. 

It also provide them a better tomorrow by promoting egalitarianism in society through their direct contribution in the GDP of country. Our NGO for women’s rights seeks to improve the economic status of women & their families through education and business skills. The objective of training is to reinvigorate, regenerate, and empower women and develop their status in society.

Help us in giving such women Social Justice!!!

How we do?

1.First you have to select the program that you wish to commit to supporting.

2.Then you have to disburse the required amount in society’s account through the given payment gateway link.

3.Amount is distributed to the cause of your choice.

4.We generate a tax exemption receipt.

5.Finally at year-end annual report will be generated.


Our Mission is to serve the underprivileged by working towards creating a Socially Just Society and commitment of human rights (of modern world) to all.


We aim to rejuvenate hope for a brighter future where the ‘Head is held high’ of one and all.

Guiding Principle

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‘Society for Environment & Sustainable Development’ is a NGO started by.....